Required GEAR for Safety Zone Riding School

  1. A long-sleeved jacket or shirt
  2. Long pants.  Must be made of a sturdy material.  Baggy, loose fitting, sweat and warm-up pants are not acceptable. NO TEARS, CUT, HOLES, RIPS in Jeans
  3. Full-fingered gloves
  4. Over-the-ankle shoes/boots.  Footwear with low heels and non-slip soles are preferred
  5. D.O.T Helmet

This is information you will need to know for safety gear (ATGATT) All The Gear All The Time

Jacket The Motorcycle Safety Program recommends that riders consider the new textile riding jacket systems for better comfort and versatility.  These jackets consist of a mesh material that allows air to pass through and have armor in the critical impact areas.  In most cases this style of jacket includes a removeable thermal and rain liner.  There is a Leather jacket for cooler weather

Pants:  Like a jacket, good pants will be made of leather, nylon, or Kevlar. For winter riding, pants can not only offer protection, they can keep you warm. Insulated pants or chaps are a good choice and can be bought coated for rain resistance.

Gloves: Provide for an excellent grip of the controls, even if a rider’s hands are sweating, or in the rain.  Gloves should be full-fingered and can be made of leather or a synthetic material. Gloves should be worn regardless or weather, and there are different types for warm and cold weather.

Riding Suits:  If you are serious about riding, and want to really protect your limbs, you can invest in a one or two piece suit. Although a bit expensive, these offer substantial protection in case of a fall and go on and off quickly. If you are going to the office, you can fit a suit right over your (other) suit or khakis.

Vest:  A vest is a good choice when you want to be seen on your bike, but not necessarily off it. They are easy on, easy off; not all of us want to wear Day Glow orange in the grocery store.

Boots: Over-the-ankle boots are required with rubber soles to help with grip to the pavement. A well designed boot helps a rider comfortable operate the motorcycles foot controls as well as providing a good grip on the road surface when stopped.