The training center may refund the course registration fee for a motorcycle safety course only if the individual has NOT participated in any portion of it.

We will NOT return $40.00 of the course registration fee due to administration cost.  Your refund will be returned through the same source of payment made at the time of enrollment unless discussed with Program Manager of the center. It is possible to transfer payment from one person to another for purpose of attending a class at Safety Zone Riding School.

Stand-by Option

Anyone interested in taking the rider training course may try to register as a stand-by student. Stand-by students should report to a training center approximately 30 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of a class.  The Training Center Manager may give preference to those individuals who are NOT already registered in a class.  If selected as a stand-by student you must be prepared to pay the registration fee and participate in the course.  Cash is accepted, there may be an additional $10.00 fee for the use of credit card payment.

Lateness Policy

All classes start promptly at the times indicated. You should show up 15 minutes early.  If you are late for the first session your spot may be given to a stand-by student. If you are late for any subsequent session you will not be allowed to continue. (read refund policy) There is no grace period. It is the participant’s responsibility for being on time for each class session. Rain or Shine we will determine outcome of class on that day.  There may be a chance of getting some work done inside the building or the rain stop.

Use Of Personal Motorcycles

Participants in Basic and Alternate Basic Rider Courses should not ride their personal motorcycle to class unless the motorcycle is street legal and the operator is properly licensed and insured with proper gear (ATGATT).  Individuals operating a motorcycle with a valid learner’s permit must report to the course instructor with their licensed rider upon their arrival to any scheduled class session.  This individual can be following the permitted rider on another motorcycle, or in a car within a reasonable sight distance.

Individuals in violation of this policy may not be permitted to participate in the motorcycle safety course.