SOMETIMES, for whatever reason, an individual may not be able to participate in the course they were scheduled for. If this happens, you have a few options:

– Call to reschedule with Training Center Manager. In order to be rescheduled, individuals must notify the training center where they were registered prior to the start of their course that they are unable to participate, or immediately after the missed course. All reschedules are subject to the availability of another course opening and must be completed in the current training season.  The training center reserves the right not to reschedule individuals. Individuals who are late for, or miss a session are not eligible for rescheduling under this policy.

– Individuals “counseled out” of a course (asked to leave by the Instructors) because of poor performance may be provided one opportunity to be rescheduled into another class, but could be required to pay the registration fee again.  Rescheduling arrangements must be made through the Training Center Manager of the center where the individual participated in the course and are based on availability.

– We at Safety Zone Riding School can assure you when we communicate with complete openness the possibilities are limitless, you will NOT lose your opportunity to become a successful motorcycle rider. We hope to hear from you soon.

Test Rescheduling Policy

Individuals who do not pass either rider course knowledge or skill test may be provided one opportunity to retake these tests FREE of charge. Re-tests should be completed within 30 working days of the original motorcycle rider course’s ending date. Individuals interested in a re-test should schedule an appointment with the Training Center Manager and all re-tests must be completed at the training center where the individual participated in the course. Individuals whose names do not appear on the Training Center Manager’s re-test appointment schedule may not be tested. 

The Training Center Manager is responsible for scheduling all re-test appointments and reserves the right to cancel or postpone any or all of the scheduled re-test dates. 

Second Chances

You did not get it right the first time (successfully complete) Motorcycle Safety at another facility within the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC area and you want to ride a motorcycle,  you’ve always dreamed of riding, and you want to pass this course and ride street legal. You have an opportunity at a second chance to get it right at Safety Zone Riding School.  Make you dream come true! We will reduce the price of your enrollment by 30% off the price of our Basic Rider Course (2 days only). You will have a fresh start and all of the opportunities for class on our website will apply to you.  You will have to call (240) 346 9515 for special enrollment instructions and show proof of enrollment at a previous Motorcycle Safety Facility. We want you to succeed, call us now and enroll now.